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Thanksgiving is all about gathering and good eats. Lots of folks are especially excited about this year’s festivities, as pandemic-related restrictions have increasingly eased. However, many holiday safety concerns persist year after year.Palm Beach injury lawyer

As longtime South Florida injury lawyers, the cases we handle almost all involve preventable injuries resulting from the failure of someone else to use reasonable care – not necessarily because they meant to cause harm, but simply because they weren’t careful. If at all possible, we want people to avoid associating joyful holidays like Thanksgiving with sadness or regret. That’s why we urge everyone to take a few minutes to ensure they’re being as safe as possible – behind the wheel, in front of the stove, through the stores, and at the table.

Driving Dangers on Thanksgiving

A man recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against Starbucks in California after claiming scalding hot tea seriously injured and disfigured his stomach, hands and genitals. Almost without fail, our South Florida injury lawyers know there will be those who scoff.West Palm Beach product liability lawyers

Another ‘hot coffee’ lawsuit? Whose fault is it really if you spill your own drink on yourself?”

It’s been more than a quarter century since the infamous “McDonald’s hot coffee lawsuit,” and this reaction proves that there is still a great deal of misunderstanding regarding what that case was about – and why it caused such a stir. Continue reading

Jacqueline Delgado and her husband Renee have filed a Palm Beach County personal injury lawsuit against two sellers and a packing company. Jacqueline sustained serious burns when the NAPAfire and FIREGEL Gel Fuel she was using ignited, dousing her body in flames. Renee also was injured.

Not long after the Palm Beach Shores burn accident, the US CPSC and Napa Home & Garden recalled about 460,000 pourable NAPAfire and FIREGEL Gel Fuel jugs and bottles because the product could ignite suddenly and splatter onto people and objects when poured into a firepot that is still burning. Napa said there were 37 incidents reported, including 23 burn accidents.

In the Delgados’ Palm Beach products liability complaint, the couple is suing Fuel Barons and Losorea Packaging Co., TJX Companies, and Manhattan’s Pharmacy. Because Napa Home & Garden has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, it would prove very challenging to obtain anything from the beleaguered company, which is facing dozens of other products liability lawsuits over its dangerous gel fuel.

In Florida, three state agencies and the Miami-Dade police are investigating the cause of burn injuries sustained by a disabled foster child at the Florida Club Care Center. The 12-year-old girl, who is a resident at the nursing home, suffers from severe cerebral palsy and is unable to communicate. She sustained second-degree burn injuries on her thigh and hand.

The Child Protection Team, which is comprised of doctors and nurses that determine whether a child has been the victim of abuse, identified the girl’s burn injuries. In a letter to Florida Governor Charlie Christ, Doctor Michael Strong accused an Agency for Health Care Administration investigator of botching the probe into the girl’s injuries, in part due to the administrator’s “lack of due diligence.” The AHCA, which is in charge of overseeing hospitals and nursing homes, says its investigator found no evidence to indicate that the young girl had been burned.

Strong said the Child Protection Team was worried that the safety of other residents at the nursing home were at risk. He believes that the girl was the victim of neglect.

The Department of Children and Families (DCF) has agreed to increase the number of visits to children at the Florida nursing home until Dr. Strong’s worries are addressed. The Florida Club Care Center has also agreed to have a “monitor” at the children’s nursing area every day until any problems are resolved.

DCF local administrator Alan Abramowitz says that workers think the girl was neglected but not abused on purpose. Previous to this incident, the North Miami Beach nursing home has been investigated for eight reports of neglect or abuse, including allegations of medical neglect, inadequate supervision, and physical injury. The Florida Club Care Center has been investigated for 66 reports of abuse or neglect involving adult residents. Only four of the incidents were verified.

Nursing Home Negligence
If the negligent or abusive acts of a doctor, nurse, or another worker at a Florida nursing home are the cause of a resident’s injuries, the victim and his or her family may be entitled to compensation for nursing home abuse and negligence.

Three agencies probe child’s burns, Miami-Herald, October 3, 2008
Burn Degrees,

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Seven people suffered burn injuries in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on Sunday following a deadly gas pump explosion at the BP station located at the intersection of Southwest 27th Avenue and Davie Boulevard. The blast happened after a 2008 Dodge pickup truck collided with a 1992 Buick before crashing into the pump. Following the explosion, the pickup truck and a nearby Toyota caught on fire.

One victim, Fort Lauderdale resident Ricardo Mottley, was admitted to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami in critical condition. Another victim sustained moderated burn injuries, while five other victims sustained minor injuries. Pickup truck driver Roy Donald Link is one of the people that suffered minor burns.

While no criminal charges have been filed, some witnesses say that Link ran a red light before the crash.

2007 Burn Injury Facts from the American Burn Association:
• Some 4,000 people a year die from burn injuries.
• 3,500 of these fatalities occur in fires at residences.
• 500 burn deaths occur in aviation and motor vehicle rashes.
• Some 500,000 people receive medical care for burn injuries each year.

Kinds of Burns First-Degree Burns: The top layer of skin has burns.
Second-Degree Burns: Involves the first two layers of skin.
Third-Degree Burns: Penetrates all layers of skin and causes permanent tissue damage.

Burn injuries can be serious injuries. If you or someone you love suffered burn injuries in a Florida accident that was someone else’s fault, it is important that you explore your legal options.

Man critically burned in gas pump fire, Miami Herald, October 7, 2008

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