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As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps across Florida and the country, many medical providers are racing to determine the best ways to respond. Our health workers are on the front lines of battling the outbreak, and they and their families are facing an increased risk of contracting the virus. Meanwhile, there is concern from patients that they are not able to be diagnosed or in some cases that they are improperly diagnosed. Patients in hospitals for unrelated reasons may also be at higher risk of catching the disease as well, particularly if the proper precautions aren’t in place. medical malpractice

Our South Florida medical malpractice attorneys recognize that this is a dynamic situation. As of this writing, The New York Times reports nearly 50,000 people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with COVID-19, and that figure is expected to increase exponentially, particularly as more tests become available.

Currently, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates those over 60 are at highest risk of falling seriously ill or dying. Others at high risk are those with lung disease, heart disease, diabetes and weakened immune systems. Anyone who thinks they might be ill are advised to contact their primary doctor ahead of time, which will allow the physician and/or hospital to prepare and implement measures to reduce the risk of infection to themselves and others. Continue reading

A hospital system in Alabama was granted a new trial following a jury verdict for $10 million in favor of a man who sued for medical malpractice over his infant son’s treatment. The primary cause for reversal, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled, was the trial court’s decision to allow prior acts and omissions by the hospital system defendant. These facts were not relevant to the case at hand, justices ruled, and were ultimately highly prejudicial to the defense. medical malpractice attorney

Although this is surely not the news plaintiff wanted to hear, it does not mean the case is lost. It means medical malpractice attorneys will need to be fully prepared to thoroughly establish a failure to meet the applicable standard of medical care this scenario necessitated.

According to court records, the child ultimately suffered from seizure disorder, blindness and deafness as a result of misdiagnosed bacterial meningitis. Research published by the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota revealed approximately 20 percent of patients who sought a second opinion at one of the country’s top medical providers learned they had been initially misdiagnosed by their primary care provider. Study authors noted that correct diagnosis can be difficult because there are some 10,000 diseases and only about 300 symptoms. Our medical malpractice attorneys in West Palm Beach recognize that a misdiagnosis in and of itself is not enough to bring a case. One must show with expert witness testimony and other evidence that the physician’s diagnosis failed to meet the accepted standard of care for his or her specialty, region and facility. Expert witnesses must be vetted and hold the same general credentials as the defendant doctor or healthcare provider. Continue reading