–Argue that the expert’s opinion testimony is based wholly on their own credentials, rather than any discernable methodology. Medical expert witness testimony based on pure opinion is not admissible in Florida medical malpractice cases. However, there may be some flexibility, and referencing some specific medical literature is only one way the court might determine if the opinion is rooted in methodology that is reliable. That might include clinical trials, case studies, or some other research.

Some of this might seem a bit like insider baseball. However, we believe it’s important for those who have been injured as a result of medical mistake to recognize that these aren’t the kind of cases that you can trust to a lawyer with little experience – or one who lacks specific experience in these types of complex cases.

The strength of expert witness testimony can make or break a medical malpractice case. It’s what is going to help you establish not only the standard of care that a reasonable doctor would have provided, but also whether your doctor upheld that standard and if they think your doctor committed malpractice. They can also offer other medical details that may help jurors understand what went wrong, who was at-fault, and a medical perspective on your prognosis as a result.

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