Widow Sues Port St. Lucie Police Sergeant for Palm City Motorcycle Accident Death

A widow whose husband died in a Palm City motorcycle accident last year is suing Port St. Lucie Police Sergeant John K. Holman for his Martin County, Florida wrongful death. John Garcia died when his motorcycle and the 2002 Jeep Wrangler by Holman collided at the intersection of Mapp Road and Catalina Street early on June 16, 2010. Holman was off-duty at the time.

Florida Highway Patrol cited Holman with failure to yield, but the citation was thrown out when the FHP officer who investigated the crash did not show up at the hearing. Now, however, Alice Garcia and her son Derek Garcia, have filed a Palm City, Florida wrongful death lawsuit against Holman seeking over $1 million. Their personal injury attorney also wants to know why a Florida traffic crash that ended in a vehicular homicide only resulted in a failure to yield citation.

Florida Traffic Crash Deaths
Failure to yield, red light running, and failure to stop at a stop sign are just some seemingly simple violations that can result in deadly consequences for those involved. Even if the other motorist isn’t charged with vehicular homicide or other any charge or citation at all, this doesn’t mean that you and your family are not entitled to receive St. Lucie County, Florida personal injury or wrongful death compensation. Any civil case you would file would be unrelated from any criminal case, or lack thereof-and even if both proceedings were underway, their outcomes could be different.

By working with an experienced Port St. Lucie motorcycle accident law firm, you would have someone who can explore all the evidence and talk to witnesses to find out exactly what happened so that all negligent parties can be held liable. Suing someone for Florida wrongful death won’t bring your loved one back, but it can help you pay for losses and damages while holding the responsible parties accountable.

Port St. Lucie police sergeant sued for role in fatal 2010 crash, TcPalm, July 21, 2011

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