Man Files Miami Car Accident Lawsuit Against Ex-NBA Heat Player Alonzo Mourning

21-year-old William Candelario is suing former Miami Heat basketball player Alonzo Mourning for Florida personal injury. Candelario claims that the former NBA player failed to help him after he was injured in a Miami-Dade car crash on the Julia Tuttle Causeway on Sunday.

Mourning’s Porsche had reportedly stuck Candelario’s vehicle, which had been disabled in an earlier crash, close to the intersection with Interstate 95. The ex-Heat player says that he did stop and check on Candelario before leaving the scene. He then called the authorities and then returned to the crash site. He has not been charged in the crash. Candelario, however, believes that Mourning could have done more to help him. He is also suing Eddy Desir, who is the driver of the car that was involved in the first collision with him.

Candelario’s Miami car accident lawyer says that his client sustained a concussion and suffered memory loss. Because of his injuries, he received treatment at the Aventura Hospital emergency room twice. It is not known at this time whether any of Candelario’s Miami car crash injuries are permanent.

Miami Car Accidents
It is important when someone is involved in a car crash and there have been injuries for those involved to do everything possible to help the victims. This includes contacting 911 and making sure that the injured parties get the help that they need. Leaving a car crash scene where there are injuries or deaths is a crime. Failure to provide medical help can sometimes result in more serious injuries or health complications and even deaths that could otherwise have been prevented if only help was sought and administered sooner.

Also, Florida’s PIP statute requires that everyone have their own personal injury protection, this may not be enough to cover injuries, medical costs, recovery expenses, and other damages and losses from your Miami traffic crash. You may want to explore your legal options to find out whether you should file a Miami personal injury lawsuit against the negligent parties.

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