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A woman filed a sexual assault lawsuit against singer Steven Tyler of Aerosmith for an alleged incident that occurred “approximately” around 1975 in New York. She’s the second woman to sue Tyler for sexual abuse that occurred nearly 50 years ago, though the other case was filed in California and involved abuse that reportedly went on for some time. sad blond woman dressed in black sitting in a corner with arms folded. attorneys for the sexually abused help those victimized as children seek justice as adults

As attorneys for the sexually abused in Florida, we can say with fair confidence – at least as of this writing – that such cases, all other things equal, likely would not get much traction in the Sunshine State. That is because, as it stands, our state statute of limitations on sexual abuse civil cases is much shorter.

That’s not to say this couldn’t change.

That’s what happened in New York last year, when lawmakers passed the New York State Adult Survivors Act, which temporarily eliminated the statute of limitations on civil sexual assault claims involving adult victims until Nov. 24, 2023 (referred to as a one-year lookback period). This was after the passage of the 2019 Child Victims Act in the same state that provided a one-year lookback window for survivors of childhood sexual abuse to pursue civil litigation that would otherwise be time-barred.

The limit is different from state-to-state. Continue reading

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