State Needs to Do More to Combat Florida Elder Abuse, Says Miami-Dade County Grand Jury Report

945156_wheelchair.jpgAccording to a Miami-Dade County Grand Jury says that the Agency for Health Care Administration must take more aggressive measures to crack down on assisted living facilities to make sure that they comply with the dry rules and regulations. The grand jury believes that more needs to be done to protect ALF residents from Florida nursing home abuse and neglect.

The inquiry came after the Miami Herald published an investigative series about the poor oversight of nearly 3,000 ALF’s. The newspaper found that the state has neglected to properly regulate Florida nursing homes and investigate allegations of neglect and abuse, while allowing many of the worst offenders to stay open. In the last 10 years, there have been at least 70 deaths from Florida nursing home negligence.

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Among the grand jury’s recommendations:
• Imposing heftier fines and stricter suspensions so that those that commit Florida nursing home neglect or abuse will be forced to pay the price.
• Establishing more rigorous educational requirements for administrators.
• Charging caretakers with a felony crime for punishing residents that report them to inspectors.

With an increase in the number of Florida assisted-living facilities in recent years, it is imperative that the state cracks down on offenders and work harder to protect nursing home residents. Our Miami nursing negligence lawyers are familiar with the devastating consequences of abuse and/or neglect on residents. It is a good idea to take your family member out of an abusive environment immediately and notify the authorities.

Florida must crack down on elderly abuse MIAMI HERALD EDITORIAL | Grand jury confirms lax oversight exposed in Herald’s series,, December 17, 2011
ALFs: a Call for Greater Interagency Communication and a Cry for More Citizen Volunteers (PDF)

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