Pompano Beach, Florida Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuit Seeks Damages from Gas Station with Allegedly Faulty Gas Pump

Richard and Susan Gold are suing a RaceTrac filling station for Pompano Beach personal injury. They claim that a faulty pump at the station maimed Richard in March 2009.

In their Broward County slip and fall complaint, the couple contends that because the gas pump was defective, it didn’t stop the gas from flowing after their vehicle’s tank was full. Instead, the gas began “spewing” into the air, onto the ground, and around his vehicle. Richard, who was the one pumping gas, says that he tried to regain control of the nozzle right away because he was afraid of the fire hazard the gasoline posed to him and those around him. The Golds say that this is when his Pompano Beach slip and fall accident happened.

Richard believes that if the pump hadn’t malfunctioned, he wouldn’t have slipped and fallen. He also says that the Pompano Beach fall accident caused him to sustain injuries to his neck, head, back, arms, and legs, and he likely has other injuries that have yet to be diagnosed.

Meantime, Susan is also suing RaceTrac for Broward County personal injury. She says that the Florida slip and fall accident has resulted in the loss of her husband’s consortium and services.

Florida Slip and Fall Accidents
A slip and fall accident can result in painful, debilitating injuries. Premise owners must make sure there is nothing on the grounds that a patron, guest, customer, or visitor can slip or trip over or step into and fall over as a result. Head injuries, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, dislocated hips or shoulders, and broken bones can result-not to mention the complications that can arise from these ailments.

An experienced Pompano Beach premises liability lawyer will know how to prove that the property owner was negligent in causing your slip/trip/step and fall accident.

Painful Gas? RaceTrac Station Pump Injures Man, Lawsuit Claims, Broward/Palm Beach New Times, July 20, 2011

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