No Injuries Reported in Florida Boat Accident But 1,100 Without Power

A few weeks ago, a sail boating accident on Merritt Island in Florida forced the closure of a bridge in the morning and led to a power outage impacting nearly 1,100 customers. The sailboat crash occurred just before 11am when a catamaran with a 50-foot mast attempted to sail down the barge canal.

According to officials, the boaters misjudged the height of electrical wires. One wire fell across the bow of the boat, and power lines dangled in the water after the boat crash. Authorities closed the barge canal for about half an hour, creating an hour-long detour for anyone living north of the canal and those trying to get to Kennedy Space Center.

No injuries were reported as a result of the boating collision.

Source: Boat Accident Leads To 1,100 Without Power,, October 23, 2009
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