Florida Boating Statistics Count 75 Deaths in 2007, Says US Coast Guard

Boating is a popular activity in the sunny state of Florida for both vacationers and locals. Yachts, motorboats, sailboats, rowboats, personal watercraft, and other vessels can be found throughout the state’s numerous waterways and other bodies of water.

Unfortunately, boating accidents do happen, resulting in injuries and deaths to operators, boat passengers, and swimmers in the water. In 2007, the US Coast Guard says that there were 75 boating deaths in Florida, which is an increase from the 68 deaths in 2006. Overall, there were 663 boating accents in the state last year.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, common causes of boating accidents have included:
• Drunk driving
• Operator inattention
• Reckless operation
• Speeding
• Operator inexperience
• Drug use
• Equipment failure
• Passenger or skier behavior

Examples of boating accidents:
• Boat collisions
• Crashing into a fixed object
• Falling overboard
• Capsized vessels
• Sinking
• Explosions and fires

Boating accidents can lead to broken bones, drowning-related injuries, traumatic brain injuries, other serious injuries, and death.
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