Trio of Florida Car Accidents Result in 2 Deaths, 6 Injuries

Over the weekend, three accidents in Florida’s Okaloosa County resulted in two deaths and six injuries. The first car accident happened on Friday just before midnight when a driver turned left in front of another vehicle. The 49-year-old woman behind the wheel was killed, while the other driver was seriously injured. The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) said neither driver was wearing a seatbelt when the collision occurred.

Then around noon on Saturday, another auto accident occurred on Interstate 10 near mile marker 65. According to a FHP release, a 47-year-old driver was traveling east when she hit standing water in her lane and lost control of her vehicle. She hit the guardrail before her car overturned. The driver and three of her passengers sustained minor injuries, but a 62-year-old woman was critically injured in the crash. No charges are pending in that car accident.

The third auto accident occurred on Saturday at 10:30pm when a pedestrian walked into the path of an oncoming car near Beasley Park. The 58-year-old man died after being hit by two vehicles. Neither driver is thought to been under the influence of alcohol, but the toxicology report is still pending for the man who died. According to reports, one of the drivers was charged for having a valid driver’s license.

Series of weekend crashes kills two, injures six, Northwest Florida Daily News, August 3, 2009
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