Timely Diagnosis In Breast Cancer Cases

According to the American Cancer Society in order to receive immediate and proper medical treatment, timing is vital in a patient who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The earlier the cancer is detected the sooner the appropriate treatment can be started which betters the survival rate and opportunity for a cure.

The survival statistics of many types of cancer are optimistic if the cancer is diagnosed early and timely medical treatment is provided. That’s why the window of opportunity is crucial and time is of the essence when dealing with this disease. Early detection is key.
Failing to diagnose and treat cancer in a patient who presents with signs and symptoms of the disease may be grounds for medical malpractice against the physician and/or healthcare providers.

If a woman feels a lump in her breast and continuously brings this to the attention of her physician, the physician should send her for an immediate mammogram examination to determine if the lump is malignant. Often times, the physician sends the patient to a diagnostic center for her mammogram and a tech performs the mammogram which is then read and interpreted by a radiologist. Unfortunately, the physician who sent her there relies on the radiologist’s findings and if that radiologist misread the mammogram and incorrectly diagnosed the patient, she will not receive the timely medical treatment necessary and her cancer will continue to develop without any form of treatment. Patients and their doctors should always double check results and use all available resources to confirm the diagnosis.

Failing to timely diagnose breast cancer can lead to lumpectomies, mastectomies and sometimes even death. What may have started in the breast and could have been timely diagnosed, remained undiagnosed, untreated and could cause metastasis to other organs of the woman’s body.

Unless other issues arise, the patient would then wait until her next annual mammogram in the hopes that the cancer that was once missed is now properly diagnosed.
In other cases, a mammogram report may indicate that further studies are recommended. It then becomes the responsibility of the physician that sent you for that mammogram to make sure that you are sent for further testing which may involve an ultrasound and/or biopsy. If a physician fails to follow up on the recommendations of the radiologist and the patient does have cancer, again the patient will not have been properly diagnosed and will not have received the proper medical care and treatment in a timely manner.

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