Palm Beach County Pedestrian Accident Kills 72-Year-Old Boynton Beach Man

72-year-old Patrick Macklin died today when he was fatally struck in a Boynton Beach pedestrian accident. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office says that Macklin was walking on Woolbright Road early in the afternoon when he was hit by a BMW. According to one witness, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue workers told her Macklin might have survived the traffic crash if someone had conducted CPR on him before rescuers arrived.

Elderly Pedestrians

In Florida, which is a haven for many seniors and retirees, there are often elderly residents out walking. It is important for drivers to realize that some older pedestrians may not be as alert or as quick to respond as their younger adult counterparts, which is why motorists should exercise caution when they seem them on the road and sidewalks.

Some Important Facts About Elderly Pedestrians:
• Elderly pedestrians are at higher risk of dying in a traffic crash than younger adult pedestrians.
• Over half of older pedestrian deaths occur at non-intersections.
• Dangerous driving behaviors that can lead to elderly pedestrian accidents include red light running, failure to yield, distracted driving, failure to spot pedestrians, blocking the crosswalk, drunk driving, and cell phone-related driving accidents.

Not only can it be harder for older pedestrians to get out of the way of an approaching car, but also their hearing and vision may be diminished. These slight impairments can make it hard for them to notice an auto until it is too late.

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Man hit, killed by car on Woolbright in Boynton Beach identified, WPTV, May 23, 2011

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