Miami Injury Lawsuit: Customer Injured from Eating Artichoke Blames Houston’s Restaurant

In South Florida, Arturo Carvajal is suing Hillstone Restaurant Group Inc. for Miami personal injury. Carvajal, who is a doctor, says he was hospitalized after he ate a house special of grilled artichokes at a Houston’s Restaurant.

Carvajal says that at the time, he was not familiar with how to eat an artichoke and that the waiter failed to warn him that the outside part of the leaf was indigestible. After eating the artichoke, Carvajel says that he experienced “severe abdominal pain and discomfort.” Medical tests showed that the artichoke leaves had gotten stuck in his small bowel.

In his Miami-Dade injury lawsuit, Carvajel blames the restaurant and its manager for failing to properly train the waiters. He contends that the servers should have directed the patrons on how to safely eat an artichoke.

Carvajel is seeking unspecified damages for pain and suffering, bodily injury, disfigurement, disability, medical costs, and the aggravation of preexisting medical conditions.

Personal Injury
Depending on the specifics of an incident, restaurants can be held liable for personal injury if the food they serve causes injury or illness to a patron. Restaurants are responsible for making sure that their food is properly stored, prepared, and served. Kitchens must meet standards of cleanliness, as well as all safety regulations. Food handlers and kitchen staff must make sure their hands are clean when working with food.

Just a few months ago, a personal injury settlement was reached between Claim Jumper and a man who found a used condom in his restaurant soup. Several people also recently sued a Subway restaurant after allegedly contracting salmonella from the food. A woman who says she was hospitalized after eating a sample of tainted cheese is suing Costco.

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