Florida Lt. Governor Settles Medical Malpractice Case with Lee Memorial Hospital

Florida Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp has arrived at a settlement agreement over his personal injury lawsuits filed against Lee Memorial Hospital and three companies. While Lee Memorial Hospital revealed that its portion of the settlement was $200,000, the settlement terms between Kottkamp and three of the companies remain confidential.

Kottkamp sustained physical injuries and a fungal infection after undergoing heart surgery at the Southwest Florida hospital. His lawsuit alleges that the improper maintenance of the hospital roof caused mold to enter the operating room, resulting in his infection.

Kottkamp had to be placed in an induced coma for several weeks so multiple surgeries could be performed to scrape mold from his chest. He then underwent several reconstructive surgeries to repair his chest cavity and replace a deteriorated sternum.

One personal injury lawsuit accuses Bovis Lend Lease Inc., Sheet Metal of Florida, and Crowther Roofing, as well as John J. Kirlin Inc. of negligence. All of the companies were involved in doing renovations at the hospital prior to his surgery. The other personal injury lawsuit is a medical malpractice case against the hospital, Dr. Stephen Zellner, and Internal Medicine Associates of Lee County. Kottcamp’s personal injury attorney says that Zellner delayed treatment of Kottcamp’s fungal infection.

Examples of Medical Malpractice

• Delayed Diagnosis
• Wrong Diagnosis
• Surgical Errors
• Prescribing the wrong medication, too much medication, or not enough medication
• Delay in surgery or other procedures

In certain personal injury cases, more than one party can be held negligent for the harm suffered by the victims and/or their families. A good South Florida personal injury law firm can help you pursue all avenues of recovery.

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