Florida Family of Tampa Police Officer To File Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Pasco County Following Deadly Motor Vehicle Accident

In Florida, the wife and children of Tampa Master Patrol Officer Victor Guerrero say they plan on suing Pasco County for his wrongful death. The 20-year police veteran died on May 1 when his motorcycle was struck by a government Ford F-150 pickup. The truck reportedly crashed into the motorcycle while turning left in front of it on US 41. Guerrero was thrown across the lane and onto the shoulder of the road.

The family reportedly plans to sue the county for $200,000 in damages. This is the maximum allowed under Florida law related to civil lawsuits against governments. Guerrero’s family intends to ask the Florida Legislature to pass a claims bill that will let them receive damages above this financial cap.

The Florida Highway Patrol is continuing its investigation of the crash. The motor vehicle driver, county employee Daniel Whipple, says he did not see Guerrero’s motorcycle.

Motorcycle Accidents
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The state of Florida does not require motorcyclists to wear helmets. This makes it even more important for motorists to take extra care when sharing the roads with motorcyclists.There were 521 motorcycle deaths in Florida in 2006. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that 4,810 motorcyclists died across the United States during the same year.

Motorcycle riders are prone to serious injuries when they are involved in motor vehicle accidents. They don’t have anything-except for protective gear-to protect them from the force of a crash or being thrown from their motorcycle onto the road. Motorcycle collision injuries can include spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, severe burn injuries, and permanent disfigurement.

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