Five People Killed in West Palm Beach After Tire Blowout Causes SUV Rollover

In West Palm Beach, Florida, five people died on the Florida Turnpike on Friday night when the sport utility vehicle they were riding in rolled over after it blew a tire. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the driver lost control of the Ford Expedition and rolled into a 15-foot canal.

Eight people were in the SUV, which was completely submerged in the canal when police arrived. Troopers say that bodies had been ejected from the vehicle and children were crying at the crash scene.

Three people, a boy and two women, were pronounced dead at the crash scene. A dive team found the body of another boy the following morning. Another victim, a girl, was pronounced dead at Delray Medical Center, where the three survivors were also treated for their injuries.

Only four of the eight people riding in the SUV -driver Moline Etienne and the three injury victims that survived the crash-were wearing seat belts. The children were not riding in child safety seats or wearing seat belts.

The victims that died were Etienne, 23, Roodandray Louis, 3, Shelley Peters, 30, Natayel Meyer, 10, and Malesha Louis, 5. The victims that were injured but survived the crash are Gina Merceron, 41, Enichka Maurice, 15, and Shadrack Gustave, 6.

Tire Blowouts
There are many reasons why tire blowouts can happen. Defective tires is one reason that tire blowouts occur.

Examples of tire defects:

• Valve stem cracks
• Breaks in the tire fabric
• Damaged or exposed cords
• Knots and bumps resulting from tire damage

Tire blowouts can cause a motorist to lose control of the vehicle, resulting in motor vehicle collisions, SUV rollovers, and other catastrophic accidents.

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