Family Preparing Broward County Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Fatal Shooting at Deerfield Country Club

Two months after Lataurus Randall was fatally shot during an attempted robbery on the golf course of the Deerfield Country Club, The New York Times reports that his family is preparing a Broward County, Florida wrongful death case. Randall, 35, was playing golf with his cousin Melvin Philpart on January 14 when two masked men approached them and demanded their money. That was when Randall was shot.

The country club, which is a 50-year-old course, is bordered on one side by a neighborhood that police say has experienced a series of burglaries where drug deals often occurs. The robbers were able to disappear into that area through a hole in the fence at the 17th fairway where the shooting happened.

While some have speculated that Randall, a landscaping company owner, was specifically targeted during the attempted robbery, others believe that he just happened to be at the wrong place at a bad time. Also, Philpart, who was not injured during the incident, claims that Deerfield Beach Fire-Rescue paramedics and the Broward County Sheriff’s Office took 20 minutes to arrive at the scene after he called 911. By that time, Philpart had already loaded Randall onto the golf cart and taken him to the parking lot.

Police, however, are disputing Philpart’s claim. A Broward Sheriff’s Office spokesperson says that a patrol car was there in less than two minutes after the emergency call was placed. Philpart believes that his cousin would still be alive today if only help had arrived sooner.

If someone you love was injured or killed on another person’s property during a violent crime, you may have grounds for a Broward County, Florida injury case against the premise owner-especially if adequate security could have prevented the incident from happening-and other liable parties.

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