Drop-Side Cribs Banned by CPSC

In a unanimous vote, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is banning drop side cribs in the United States. The decision removes all drop-side cribs from the market, which means they can no longer be made, sold, or resold. Crib manufacturers have until June 2011 to make sure that all cribs have fixed sides. Childcare centers, hotels, and other facilities that provide cribs for young children have to replace their drop-side cribs.

Over the years, a number of parents have filed civil complaints after a drop-side caused serious injury to or killed their child. A Miami products liability lawyer can help you determine whether you should file a claim against a crib manufacturer.

The ban comes after the deaths of 32 babies and toddlers (and possibly even 14 others) since 2010. In just the last five years, more than 9 million drop-side cribs have been recalled over concerns that the way they are designed and manufactured make the baby furniture natural candidates for placing a child at risk of entrapment, strangulation, fall accidents and even deaths.

The possibility that the moving parts of the drop side make it easier for a gap to be created between the crib’s side and the mattress, malfunctioning blocking pins and retractable pegs, and broken crib slats are some of the crib defects that have contributed to making drop-sides dangerous for kids. The new crib standard will now also call for more rigorous testing for cribs, including tests that mimic having a child in a crib.

Unfortunately, there continue to be products manufactured and sold-some of them made for infants and kids that have proven dangerous for them to use. A Palm Beach personal injury law firm can help you explore your legal options involving defective child safety seats, toys, clothing, accessories, furniture, and other consumer products.

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