Defective Medical Device: DePuy ASR Hip Lawsuits To Be Presided Over by One Judge

US District Judge David A. Katz has been tasked with overseeing all pretrial proceedings in the federal lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson involving DePuy ASR hip replacement systems. DePuy’s ASR XL Acetabular Hip Replacement and ASR Hip Resurfacing Systems were recalled a few months ago over findings that there were patients who were having to undergo a second surgery within five years of the first surgery to implant the DePuy hip device.

Some 93,000 people have been implanted with a DePuy hip replacement device. There are already about 150 federal lawsuits alleging products liability pending. Hundreds of other defective medical device complaints over the DePuy ASR hip replacement products are expected.

Having to undergo hip replacement surgery can be challenging and painful enough-especially for elderly persons-without the need for another surgery because the hip replacement device malfunctioned or should have been better designed. Most surgeries are often accompanied by the risk of health complications and infections. To have to undergo a second surgery because of possible negligence on a product manufacturer’s part is unacceptable and can be grounds for a Florida defective medical device case.

Signs that your ASR hip implant may be causing you problems:

• Physical pain while walking
• Walking difficulties
• Swelling
• Implant dislocation
• Microscopic metal particles hovering around the hip area

Our Miami defective medical device lawyers represent clients with products liability claims against manufacturers. Unfortunately, there are medical devices that can hurt a patient, causing health complications, unnecessary pain and suffering, and the need for additional surgery and other medical procedures.

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