Decline in Florida Motor Vehicle Crashes Reported

According to the state’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there has been a 4.6% drop in the number of Florida traffic deaths. Compared to 2009, when there were Florida 2,565 motor vehicle fatalities, there were 2,444 Florida traffic deaths reported in 2010. That’s a nearly 31% drop since 2005. County wise, the number of traffic fatalities also went down in Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, and Broward Counties last year.

2010 figures also show, however, that the number of Florida pedestrian deaths have gone up by 3.5%. There were 482 pedestrian fatalities in 2009 and 499 Florida pedestrian deaths in 2010.

Other 2010 Florida Traffic Facts:
• 195,104 Florida motor vehicle injuries occurred in 124,847 crashes
• Drunk driving was a 794 Florida traffic deaths
• 12,168 alcohol-related injuries
• 957 drug-related injuries
• 7,290 Florida pedestrian injuries
• 76 Florida bicycle deaths
• 4,600 bicycle injuries
• 4,925 bicycle accidents
• 7,484 Florida motorcycle accidents
• 350 motorcycle deaths
• 6,686 Florida motorcyclist injuries
• 725 Florida motorcycle passenger deaths
• 80 Florida teen driver deaths-same amount of teen driver deaths as in 2009
• 64 teen passengers killed
• 26,848 Florida teen motor vehicle accidents

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