Coral Springs, Florida Injury Lawsuit Accuses Music Teacher of Molesting Student

A family of a young boy who was allegedly molested by art and music teacher Miguel Cala is suing St. Andrew’ Catholic School and The Archdiocese of Miami for Coral Springs personal injuries to a minor. They claim that Cala, 37, molested the boy at his home while giving him music lessons. The alleged Florida sex abuse incidents took place between 2009 and August 2010.

In their Broward County injury complaint, the family accuses Cala of using his role at the school and at the parish (he no longer teaches at the school) to scope out possible victims. The boy’s mother learned that he had been molested by Cala after she contacted the authorities because the teacher had stopped showing up for the lessons. She was told that Cala was under investigation for possible sexual abuse.

Cala was arrested last September on charges related to the sexual abuse of another boy, who had also been one of his private music students. Police believe there may be more victims.

The archdiocese says that Cala underwent a number of background checks before he was hired. A spokesperson for the archdiocese reports that there was nothing to indicate that Cala was a child molester.

Florida Sex Abuse Lawsuits
If your child was the victim of sexual abuse, you may be able to sue the abuser and/or those that allowed the abuse to happen for Broward County personal injuries to a minor. Unfortunately, kids are at risk of become victims of sexual abuse. In many cases, the perpetrator will be someone the child knows or trusts, such as a teacher, a priest, a school counselor, a relative, a family friend, a medical professional, a camp counselor, or a babysitter.

Not only is sex abuse a crime, but also it causes great personal injury to the victim. Many victims of sex abuse will spend the rest of their life trying to heal from what happened. In addition to physical injuries, the psychological and emotional trauma from abuse can be devastating.

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