Broward County Plastic Surgery Malpractice Lawsuit Filed in Liposuction Patient’s Alleged Florida Wrongful Death from Anesthesia Complications

The family of Kellee J. Lee-Howard is suing her doctor for her Broward County wrongful death. Lee-Howard died on February 14, 2010, one day after undergoing liposuction.

Her surgeon, Dr. Alberto Sant Antonio was not certified to perform this procedure. According to Howard’s loved ones, he improperly administered the anesthesia to her, which resulted in her death.

Sant Antonio not only lacks the board-certification to perform plastic surgery, but also, per the plaintiffs, he lacks the qualifications to administer anesthesia, did not have someone that was present during the procedure, and was ill prepared to deal with the side effects that anesthesia can cause. According to USA Today, an expert witness for Lee- Howard’s family’s Broward County plastic surgery malpractice case said that the amount of Lidocaine in her body demonstrated a “basic misunderstanding” of patient safety and pharmacology.

Lee-Howard is not the first patient to die following plastic surgery while under Sant Antonio’s care. Another woman, Maria Shortall, went into cardiac arrest during liposuction. According to a complaint filed with the state, the surgeon failed to properly monitor Shortall’s vitals, did not have the necessary equipment to revive her, failed to provide her with appropriate emergency care, and did not diagnose that her heart had failed quickly enough. Shortall’s family is also suing for Florida wrongful death.

Unfortunately, in Florida, more doctors are performing cosmetic surgery even though they lack the proper training. Some even start performing plastic surgery after spending just a couple of days watching other doctors. For example, per USA Today, there are now dentists inserting best implants and gynecologists doing tummy tucks. The consequences can be catastrophic, such as for Rohie Kah-Orukotan, who died after liposuction in Weston. Lidocaine toxicity was cited as her cause of death.

The doctor who performed the surgery on Kah-Orukotan had a background in occupational health. Her family is suing for Weston medical malpractice and wrongful death.

Plastic surgery, even when done for cosmetic purposes, is still surgery. This often requires a surgeon to go cut into the body. It is important that the surgeon that perform your procedure is qualified to do a proper job. Otherwise, medical mistakes may occur that can cause serious health complications.

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Surgeons, like all doctors, need to provide a patient with a certain standard of care. When failure to provide that care leads to Broward County personal injury or wrongful death, the negligent physician can be held liable.

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