Broken Hearted: West Palm Beach Hospital With Unusually High Death Rates For Pediatric Cardiac Surgeries

Recently, an investigative report from the national media blew the whistle on a West Palm Beach, Florida hospital that allowed underqualified and understaffed medical providers to perform heart surgeries on children and babies. The overall mortality rates of these children and babies was three times the national average which placed a spotlight on the deficiencies at the hospital. The revelations surrounding the St. Mary’s pediatric heart surgery department are both horrifying and disturbing. How is it possible that a hospital, presumed to be dedicated to the well-being and safety of its patients, be so ill-equipped for such a complex area of medicine? To make matters worse, those harmed by the failure of St. Mary’s to adhere to necessary standards are the most innocent and needy in our society.

While St. Mary’s has publicly denied the allegations, it was reported that the hospital would earn as much as $500,000.00 for each of these surgeries. Unfortunately, St. Mary’s failures exemplify the medical industrial complex that places profits over safety. After the community’s trust has been betrayed in the name of profits how can faith in the system be resorted? The truth is that faith in the system, and those operating it behind a veil of secrecy, should not be so easily restored. Sadly, it has now become the obligation of patients, and their loved ones, to question those who have taken an oath to do no harm – as the saying goes, you are your own best doctor.

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~ Ryan A. Fogg, Esq.

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