Belle Glade Man Awarded $720,000 Palm Beach County Truck Accident Verdict by Jury

A jury has awarded Niven Anderson $720,000 for his Glades, Florida truck crash injuries. The Belle Glade store owner was injured in 2007 during a hit-and-run traffic crash.

Anderson had to undergo surgery for his back and neck injuries. Gypsum Express Ltd. and trucker Matthew Moore are the defendants of the Palm Beach County truck accident lawsuit.

Hit-and-Run Accidents
Hit-and-run traffic crashes can further exacerbate the injuries of victims, who may end up having to wait even longer to receive medical help than they would have if only the other party that was involved in the accident had stopped at the collision site and called for help. Hit-and-run driving is against the law.

Florida Truck Accidents
Many trucking companies have the team and resources to dedicate towards minimizing liability during a Florida truck crash. This is just one of the many reasons why it is so important that you explore your legal options with a Palm Beach truck accident law firm that knows how to handle this type of South Florida injury case.

In other recent Florida truck collision news, a landscaper sustained facial injuries and a concussion after he was injured in a Lighthouse Point 18-wheeler truck accident on Friday. The worker, who was trimming trees, was in the bucket of a hydraulic arm that was stretched over the North Federal Highway when the semi-trailer truck passed below him.

Some of the Common Causes of Florida Truck Crashes:

• Distracted driving
• Driver inattention
• Speeding
• Failure to obey traffic laws
• Drowsy driving
• Poor truck maintenance
• Truck overload
• Medical conditions, such as sleep apnea
• Driving while on medication

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