Baby Deaths and Injuries Prompt Recalls of 1.7 Million Summer Infant Video Baby Monitors and 500,000 Bassinets by Burlington Basket Company

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recently announced two major recalls involving infant products. The most recent recall, which was announced today, involves 500,000 bassinets by Burlington Basket Company.

Our Miami products liability law firm is glad to hear that the product is being recalled. Already there are two reports of minor injuries, so hopefully, the announcement will keep more babies from getting hurt.

The bassinets are considered a fall hazard. The safety issue can arise if the legs cross-bracing rails are not fully locked into position. This can cause the bassinet to collapse and the baby to fall out. There have been 10 reports of the bassinet’s legs not locking into place. Consumers are urged to stop using the bassinets immediately.

Just last week, the CPSC recalled 1.7 million Summer Infant video baby monitors following two baby deaths. Both children died in strangulation accidents involving the monitors’ electrical cords. Now, the CPSC is warning that the monitors should be kept more than three feet away from a child’s sleeping area and the cord should definitely be placed out of reach.

Florida Products Liability
There are three categories of products liability:

Defective design: A defect in the way a product was designed makes it dangerous.

Defective manufacture: An error that occurred during manufacture created a flaw that could cause injury.

Failure to provide adequate instructions or warnings: The manufacturer does not provide warning about a danger that isn’t obvious or fails to give adequate instructions on proper, safe use.

Our Miami products liability lawyers know how devastating it is to have your child involved in a serious injury accident. If a defective, dangerous, or malfunctioning product was involved, you may have a Florida injury case on your hands.

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