Appreciation for our South Florida Health Care Workers, First Responders

Health care workers and first responders are known for being the first helpful faces on the scene in the midst of a crisis. That’s perhaps no more true than in the moment we’re all facing together right now. healthcare workers

Doctors, physician’s assistants, nurses, paramedics and other medical professionals are considered among the most essential workers on the front lines as we collectively navigate this global health emergency.

As most Floridians are under state and local orders to remain socially distanced, keeping each other safe by staying in, these workers do so by showing up. Often, they’re caring for the most vulnerable among us. They’re conducting roadside tests, caring for at-risk nursing home residents, admitting emergency room walk-ins and treating critically ill ICU patients.

While state agencies and hospital systems are doing their best to secure the critical supplies necessary for these workers to safely do their jobs, the fact is some are still lacking adequate personal protective equipment to ensure they do not also become sick. Nurses may face unique risks because they tend to spend more time than anyone else treating patients one-on-one.

This is one reason telemedicine is fast gaining traction. This allows doctors and nurses to assist patients with non-emergent medical needs while also protecting health care workers. Many patients are being urged if possible to consult with their physician by phone or video conference before presenting themselves to the local hospital or doctor’s office. (Check with your doctor if you are unaware of their policy on this.)

Acts of Appreciation for Health Care Workers

Many in South Florida, including our team at Halberg & Fogg PLLC, recognize and deeply appreciate the hard work and sacrifice of these front line workers in these uncertain times.

Some in our communities are finding creative ways to show gratitude. For example, a Facebook group, RVs for MDs, works to pair medical doctors with idling RVs so that they have a place to rest after long shifts and not endanger their families.

Seamstresses across the country are cranking out homemade masks and care packages to gift to their local hospitals.

Positive messages are being scrawled in sidewalk chalk just outside employee entrances to local hospitals.

Healthcare workers have been greeted with enthusiastic applause from residents by the roadside or nearby balconies during shift changes. As one supporter explained, “It really demonstrates our heartfelt appreciation for not only them but their families who are indeed sacrificing so very much right now.”

Many health care workers at the beginning of their careers pledge an oath committing themselves to public service, with special recognition of their unique obligation to the welfare of other people. They consider it a calling. In the coming weeks, they’ll be increasingly called on to go above and beyond. They have our gratitude.

As the number of patients grows, South Florida will continue to rely on the judgment, experience, dedication and heart of these professionals.

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