A Case of Miami Gardens Personal Injury?: “Doctor” Injects Woman’s Butt with “Fix-a-Flat’’

A Miami Garden’s woman almost died after someone claiming to be a doctor injected her buttock with a mixture of mineral oil, cement, and Super Glue last year. The concoction was supposed to give the patient a butt lift but instead almost killed her.

The victim went to three hospitals before doctors finally diagnosed the problem. She continues to suffer from health issues and she is receiving home health treatments.

The woman, whose name is being kept confidential due to medical privacy laws, paid someone to do the procedure. She says that she was screaming in pain the whole time and not all of the injections could be administered because of this. Her “doctor,” a person named Oneal Ron Morris, then allegedly closed up her wounds with Super Glue before sending her home.

A day later, the woman was still in pain and feeling sick and she sought medical help. It took visits to three hospitals before a doctor was able to diagnose and treat her condition. Because she was afraid of being charged over the incident, she left the third hospital after staying there for several days. It took a health investigator until March 2011 to find her.

Meantime, Morris proved elusive until yesterday when she was arrested and charged with causing bodily harm and practicing medicine without a license. Investigators believe she is part of a group of scammers in South Florida that offer home buttocks augmentations and “pumping parties.”

Miami-Dade Personal Injury
If you believe that someone’s reckless or negligent acts caused you to get sick or hurt, you may have grounds for a Miami Gardens personal injury case. Medical negligence is also reason for a Miami-Dade medical malpractice complaint.

Unfortunately, Miami plastic surgery malpractice can happen-especially in Florida, where cosmetic procedures are extremely popular. You should be compensated for the harm that you suffered.

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